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Cultural Relativity

Cultural Relativity
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From the professor:

“FINAL PAPER: The final paper will be an argumentative paper of at least 2,000 words. It should be typed and double-spaced. The topic, which can be but need not based on a case study, must be approved by the teacher if it concerns a topic not discussed at all in the text and cannot be the same topic chosen for your case paper.
The paper must contain a thesis-statement and arguments to support the thesis-statement, along with objections to your arguments and responses to those objections.PLEASE SEE THE BLACKBOARD DOCUMENT ON ARGUMENTATIVE PAPERS.

You must cite any references or quotations used. If you use material from our text, you must cite the source (if only within the body of your paper). If you use sources other than our text, you should have a separate bibliography at the end of the paper.THERE IS NO REQUIRED FORMAT (such as that of the American Psychological Association or The Chicago Manual of Style) FOR THE PAPER,PROVIDED THAT YOU CITE YOUR SOURCES,INCLUDING OUR TEXT.”

I chose the topic of cultural relativity as a guideline, as we’re able to choose our own topic for this paper and it’s discussed often in class and text.

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