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Assessment 2: Written Assessment
Weighting 40%
Due: Friday Week 6
Maximum length: 2000 words
Task Description
The Banyan Tree is a global company with hotels in many different countries but with an underlying philosophy. You are to research the websites accessed for www.banyantree.com for Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Mexico and Banyan Tree Samui. From an analysis of the websites,
1. What are the similarities between the two hotels? You need to consider as a minimum: location of hotel within the natural environment, the physical environment of the hotel, ease of access to the hotel for guests, facilities provided for guests, service offered, food and beverage as well as accommodation.
2. What are the differences between the two hotels?
3. How do the similarities and differences differentiate the hotel from its competitors or reinforce the hotel position in the market place?
4. What is your overall sense of the message being delivered to the potential customers?
5. Justify who you believe is the target market.
6. Why do you think this brand has been able to successfully expand its operations from the first Banyan Tree Phuket Spa Sanctuary in 1984 to 26 hotels in 10 countries by 2015?
You are expected to read widely to answer the questions and to justify your response. You must include at least 10 references to support your ideas. I suggest you use the CQUniversity library database and Google Scholar to find journal articles. Remember to reference them in-text as you use them and add them immediately to your reference list. You will find a link to Harvard Referencing on the Moodle website.
Marking Criteria
Maximum marks
Your mark
Introduction to topic
Similarities identified and explained
Differences identified and explained
Critical analysis of differentiation or reinforcement
Personal interpretation of meaning and justified
Target market justified
Reasons for brand success justified
Correct referencing both in-text as well as in the reference list using Harvard Referencing
Professional presentation: no spelling or grammar errors, under word limit, English expression of a high standard
Total marks

You are a marketing manager interviewing for a new job at several different firms simultaneously. You expect to be asked the same questions in each interview dealing with what you think are some good new marketing opportunities for each firm to pursue. You know that being well prepared for an interview gives you a better chance of being offered the job, so you decided to study each company where you are interviewing.
Pick any 3 firms to research. Based on Internet research on these companies, write a 500–750-word research paper proposing at least 3 marketing opportunities that you would strongly suggest that each firm pursue. In your arguments, include the following:
• Describe your reasoning for identifying them as worthy of pursuing.
• Categorize each marketing opportunity as low-hanging fruit, home runs, or singles, and discuss why (see definitions in course materials).
• Discuss the risk in pursuing each opportunity.
• Without actually trying to determine each project’s ROE, which would you most strongly recommend implementing, and why?
• Explain how the marketing opportunity would reflect upon the firm. Would it have a positive or negative public relations effect on the firm? Would it result in great financial improvements, or only a minor improvement?




Choose ONE of the following three questions and answer according to the requirements of the question. You will need to provide support and justification for your answers. You are EXPECTED to refer to the theories you have learnt during the semester. You will be marked according to your ability to apply theories to the ads you have chosen.

Question 1:
Choose FIVEads for one product category of your choice (for example, ice cream) that targets FIVE different target markets. For each of the ad, write a description of what you think the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the targeted market are. Explain using Marketing theories. (25 marks)

Question 2:
Provide FIVE ads (print) of brands that have garnered success with advertising campaigns. For EACH of the brands, discuss and justify why you think the advertising campaign received success. Did the brand engage consumers and how? Discuss using Marketing theories (e.g. AIDA). (25 marks)

Question 3:
Explain the difference between a “pull” promotional strategy and a “push” promotional strategy. Find two ads to showcase “pull” promotional strategy and find two ads to show “push” promotional strategy. For each ad, discuss if the ad has been effective for the product. Explain and justify your answers using Marketing theories.


Marketing communication plan: old jamaican ginger beer
Project description
Your resubmission for this unit is based on Old Jamica Ginger Beer, as follows:
Develop a marketing communications plan for your chosen company’s marketing communications business, in response to the attached brief. The plan should be based upon the SOSTAC approach summarized below. The submission will be awarded a single mark from 100%.
1. Situational analysis
2. Communications Objectives
3. Marketing communications Strategy
4. Coordinated promotional mix (Tactics)
5. Activities, including human and financial resources needed to implement the plan and a schedule of when you will complete the activities within the plan
6. Evaluation and Control

Your plan should demonstrate creativity throughout e.g. branding, promotional ideas, themes and concepts
Old Jamaica Ginger Beer is on the hunt for an agency to handle its advertising account and is actively talking to agencies. The Cott-owned soft-drink brand has been in touch directly with agencies inviting them to pitch for the business. It currently works with the integrated shop Splash Worldwide. The brand’s most recent major marketing push was a £2 million TV campaign by Splash last year that included a sponsorship deal with the TV channel Comedy Central. The ads featured the brand’s Mr G character, previously known as Mr Cricket.
In June 2010, Old Jamaica rolled out a multi-million-pound campaign starring the Jamaican band The Jolly Boys. The activity aimed to bring new younger consumers to the brand as well as increase sales among Old Jamaica’s existing consumers.
Old Jamaica first advertised in 2007 with the tagline “an oldie but a goodie” during coverage of an England vs West Indies cricket Test match.
Their current initiative is worth £5 million and is aimed at attracting new customers to the brand, gaining market share in its current markets and establishing a social media presence.
Both these campaigns were identified in campaignlive.co.uk, August 2012

The Green Motorcar company is producing a new car. It is a flex-fuel plug-in hybrid. A flex-fuel vehicle has an engine that runs on various combinations of ethanol, methanol, and gasoline. The engine drives a generator that charges the battery, which then drives the car. It’s also possible to …

Please read the “Spare Time Equipment case” (exercise number 20) and then create a 2 page written document
explaining what you would do to help with their marketing efforts. please write it up in single space format. deadline 10/12/2012



Select a marketing topic of your choice (examples include: Global Marketing, Services, Pricing). 

Find a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article (published within the last 5 years) on a topic addressed in this course that is of interest to you. 

Write an article review of 750-1,000 words that addresses the following: 

What is the thesis (main idea) of the article?Why is (are) the author(s) writing about the topic?What facts are presented?How does it relate to the other readings (especially the text) on the topic?What are the conclusions and recommendations?Critique the article.

Business 2


Why is the business location important? Explain why Forecasting and Capacity Planning are essential in all businesses.




250 words cite with in. 

An Overview of Marketing

Understanding marketing is vital to your success as a business professional. According to Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel (2014), “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large” (p. 3). Companies that fail to embrace marketing as an essential business function commonly fail. Companies that effectively employ marketing strategically and tactically typically prosper.

You practiced with developing your own slogan or motto in your introductory discussion, which is a form of personal marketing. Since you are a product in the career marketplace, it is essential that you properly market your personal brand by communicating a message that personifies your personal brand.

Now you will learn how a company employs marketing. Watch the video or read the transcript provided regarding Geoffrey B. Small®, a popular clothing fashion company.

Using research from Chapter 1 in your textbook, write a minimum of a 2―3 page APA formatted and citation styled informative essay in Standard American English. Please be sure to include an Introduction (where you explain the purpose of your paper), Body (addressing all the checklist items), and Conclusion and an additional title page and reference page in APA format.


For the Informative Essay: Present an unbiased viewpoint based on the facts you have uncovered through viewing the video and your readings. For an example of an informative essay see the PDF in Course Documents.


Checklist: Address the following in your informative essay:

  1. Describe how Geoffrey B. Small actively implements the marketing concept.
  2. Compare and contrast the four marketing management philosophies that companies choose to adopt.
  3. Identify the type of marketing management philosophy employed by the Geoffrey B. Small company.
  4. Discuss how the Geoffrey B. Small Company can use social media to demonstrate their commitment to the marketing management philosophy they employ.


Lamb, C. W., Hair, J. F., & McDaniel, C. (2014). MKTG7. Mason, OH: Cengage.

Your paper should be in APA format and cite all references used. Submit to the Assignment Dropbox.

Directions for Submitting this Assignment:

Review the grading rubric below before beginning this activity. For additional help with your writing and APA citation, please visit the Kaplan University Writing Center accessed in the home area of this course. Compose your Assignment as a Microsoft Word document and save it as (Example: TAllen-MT219 Assignment-Unit 1.docx). Submit your file by selecting the Unit 1: Assignment Dropbox by the end of Unit 1.


Watch the required unit videos



View the Script



Review the assignment instructions and grading rubric.


Due Week 4 and worth 175 points


In this assignment, you will create a Positioning Statement and Motto for one (1) of the following brands: Jeep Cherokee, Google, or Amazon.com.

Select only one (1) brand. Use the information listed, as well as your own research, to assess the brand by completing the provided template. At the end of the template, be sure to develop what you believe would be a new or better positioning statement and motto for the brand.

Click here to download the required template.

Submit the completed template via the Assignment 1 submission link.

*Remember to only select one (1) brand from the options below (click on Option A, Option B, or Option C to view each available brand).

  • Option A 
  • Option B 
  • Option C


Chrysler in motion

Jeep Cherokee

General Brand Marketing

Reflected in the distinctive, fluid lines of an Jeep Cherokee is the brand’s long sporting tradition.

Every model is a finely-engineered balance of style, performance, comfort and safety. As a result of the continuous innovation in the use of light-weight materials and advanced engine technologies, Jeep Cherokee cars are best-in-class in combining operating efficiency with a level of performance and handling that all add up to pure driving emotion.

Need 7 pages:

1– A marketing manager for US. Pet supply store (e.g. PetSmart) is considering marketing her products in a developing country. Based on your knowledge of culture, segmentation and the variables that influence consumer behavior, review the marketing mix and provide a preliminary plan for the move into that market. What are the steps she needs to be taken?


2- How might institutional factors affect the purchase for ice cream and shampoo? Provide 3 situation for each product.


4- Interpret the finding for the following frozen pizza data from two markets segments 



 1-low, 5-high












Redd Baron






















Explain marketing

the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return

Individual Assignment 02 Discussion Questions on Chapters  4, 5, 6, and 7:

Presentations in Module 04 and Module 05 Instructional Materials pages in Moodle “Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions and Leadership Styles and Cooperation” “Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices in Third World Countries” and

HBS Case on Ciba-Geigy


1.       The following questions are based on the article entitled “Leadership and Cooperation in Marketing Channels: A Comparative Empirical Analysis of the U.S., Finland and Poland” as well as the Video Module discussion of Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions both of which went above and beyond the textbook description and application of Hofstede’s theory.

a)      Define and discuss in substantive detail each of the five dimensions of culture as identified by Hofstede.

b)      In your opinion, does Hofstede add to our understanding of culture? If so, what are his contributions to the literature on national culture?

c)       Discuss the limitations of Hofstede’s theory. (You may conduct additional research and use external sources of information to support your answer, but be sure to cite all your sources of information after each answer.)


2.       Provide a substantive summary of the article, “Leadership and Cooperation in Marketing Channels: A Comparative Empirical Analysis of the U.S., Finland and Poland” authored by Mehta et al. (2001).

a)      Separately, define and discuss the concepts of three leadership styles, cooperation and performance as discussed in the article.  

b)      Separately, explain how the dimensions of culture influence the relationship between leadership and cooperation.

c)       Based on your reading, can the three leadership styles be used on a standardized basis to manage the relationships between manufacturers and their international distributors, or based on the findings of the study, do they need to be adapted to the cultural dimensions of each country market?


3.       Provide a substantive summary of the article, “Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices in Third World Countries” by Smith and Quelch.  

a)      Identify and explain some of the marketing practices that have been the subject of criticism. What other marketing practices can you identify that are controversial?

b)      Do you agree or disagree with the core thesis of the article? Why or why not? Explain your opinion in detail.


4.       Pharmaceutical companies have been facing severe (and some say highly unfair) criticism for price gouging, i.e., charging extraordinarily high prices for drugs for treatment for diseases such as AIDS. In your opinion, are drug manufacturers justified, and do they have a right to charge astronomically high prices because they have patented a drug? Why or why not? Explain your perspective in substantive detail. (This is not a loaded question, as you do not know the instructor’s position on this issue. You may conduct additional research and use external sources of information to support your answer, but be sure to cite all your sources of information after each answer.)


5.       Do you also think that pharmaceutical companies are being unethical for marketing drugs at high prices in Third World Countries where poorer people die because they cannot afford the drugs? What strategies can drug companies employ to mitigate accusations that they are of being especially unethical in Third World Countries by marketing lifesaving drugs at high prices? Are pharmaceutical companies morally responsible because they know fully well that many people die as they cannot afford lifesaving drugs made by their firm that are readily available on the market? Provide substantive answers to these questions. (You may conduct additional research and use external sources of information to support your answer, but be sure to cite all your sources of information after each answer.)



6.       The following questions are based on the HBS Ciba-Geigy (CG) case.

a)      Based on your assessment, identify the central problem facing CG.

b)      Identify as exhaustively the pros and cons for launching Fevex. In your assessment, do not forget to consider the impact of the environmental variables (economy, political-legal, etc.).

c)       Based on your assessment of the pros and cons and the environment, would you recommend for or against launching Fevex? Justify your answer with a detailed explanation.

d)      Even if you recommended against the launch of Fevex, identify and discuss each of the following:

                                 i.            What target market do you suggest that CG should pursue for Fevex in Nigeria?

                               ii.            What product strategy do you suggest that CG should use for Fevex in Nigeria?

                              iii.            What promotion strategy do you suggest that CG should use for Fevex in Nigeria?

                             iv.            What pricing strategy do you suggest that CG should use for Fevex in Nigeria?

                               v.            What distribution strategy do you suggest that CG should use for Fevex in Nigeria?


Reminder: When analyzing HBS cases, please do not conduct additional research either on the Internet or in the library nor introduce additional information from external sources. Introducing additional external information will only contaminate the case. Base your answers on the information contained in the case. That is the information the case author(s) have provided you, as managers or consultants, to make your decisions and recommendations. Besides conducting external research on the HBS cases will circumvent your learning as well as attenuate the development of your judgment and decision making skills (That is also plagiarism!).





  1. Underline and/or use boldface to highlight the key/crucial points of your answers.

  2. If you feel that some questions are repetitive, be on the safe side by answering the question again, expanding on it as necessary.

  3. Please check/edit your assignment answers, ensuring there are no grammatical mistakes.

  4. Answer all questions in one file.

  5. For ease of readability, type each part of the question in bold and then answer the question.

  6. Please number each part of all questions and answer them in chronological order, as it makes reading easier for everyone.

  7. Provide citations at the end of each part of every answer.


Please follow these Instructions:

1.      Please print your First & Last Name and your email address in the header of this document

2.      Please work on this exam individually

3.      Please submit the exam via email on or before October 28, 2014 by 7.00pm and please put MSE 602 Midterm in the subject line.

4.      Please save the file in the format requested in your syllabus. (Last Name_MSE 602_Midterm)

5.      You can answer in essay format or in bullet format – whatever you are more comfortable with. But in either case, please underline the main points in your answer.

6.      You will have to do a considerable amount of research online to answer these questions. Make sure to list ALL references used for each question. So after Q1, list the references for Q1 and after Q2, list the references for Q2. A reference means the complete citation of the paper or web link that can I can verify and refer to. So do not just provide www.google.com as a reference.

7.      Points will be deducted if verifiable references are not provided.

8.      TOTAL POINTS for the midterm exam = 30 points.

9.      Partial credit will be given, so please attempt all questions. Please clearly state any assumptions made by you for any questions.

10.  Please use Times New Roman Size 12 font, double spaced. Please make sure to follow this format. Points will be deducted if you do not follow this format.



Q1.  It is said that we are increasingly moving towards an “access economy.”

(a)    Define and explain what you mean by an “access economy.” Please provide an example as well to strengthen your explanation (4 points)

(b)   What business model would you recommend to be used to function as an entrepreneur in an “access economy” versus an “ownership economy?” Include at least 4 specific points about how you would have to think outside the box in order to achieve this goal of being a successful entrepreneur in an “access economy.” (8 points)


Q2. The urban population in 2014 accounted for 54% of the total global population, up from 34% in 1960 and this trend continues to grow. From an innovation perspective, what types of products and services will have to be developed to address specific urban challenges. State at least 5 challenges and a corresponding product or service that you think would need to be developed to address that challenge. Explain the uniqueness of each product/service and the factors you would have to consider to create a successful business model for that product or service. You can answer in a tabular format as shown below (10 points)


Product or Service to Address this challenge

Uniqueness of this product or service

Factors to consider to create a successful Business Model for this product/service



































Q3. Earlier this past week, on October 14, 2014, there was an article that appeared in the LA Times about “An analysis of Tesla found it to be more of an iPad than a car.” You can find the article at: http://www.latimes.com/business/autos/la-fi-hy-tesla-car-or-ipad-20141014-story.html

Additionally, there is another article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal on the same day (October 14th), titled, “Cheap oils pops the green policy bubble.” You can find the article at, http://online.wsj.com/articles/holman-jenkins-cheap-oil-pops-the-green-policy-bubble-1413328953


If you were working at Tesla, how would these new revelations affect the SWOT analysis that you did on Tesla in the last class? Clearly explain that and the reasons for the changes to occur in the SWOT analysis. You can provide the SWOT analysis in a tabular format (as shown in the class slides) and then clearly list the changes / differences between the SWOT analysis you did in class last week and the NEW one you are doing now, based on this newly revealed information about Tesla. You can also do additional research online to come up with an “updated/new” SWOT analysis (8 points) 


Individual Portion
prepare a presentation of 10–12 PowerPoint slides with 150–200 words of speaker’s notes per slide to develop an advertising campaign for the product. The campaign will be broken down into 2 parts: the explanation and justification for the advertising campaign, and the ad itself. The following information should be included in the presentation:
• The target market chosen for the new product and an explanation
• The product name with reasons why it was chosen based upon the target market
• The packaging description and how it will appeal to the target market
• A detailed description of the advertising campaign
• A creative ad slogan
• An explanation of the consumer behavior motivation behind the ad and slogan
As for the advertising itself, it is not necessary to draw an ad, but you should include the following:
• Types of media used in the campaign (e.g., TV, print, Internet, etc.)
• A slogan and a general theme
• Reasons for choosing the media, slogan, and theme based on consumer behavior principles
• An explanation of how the advertisement will reach the target consumer in terms of motivational or persuasion techniques outlined in the course

Starting here in Unit 5, you will begin to develop your final project due in unit 8.

This part will be due in Unit 6 and will be graded in that unit. Read the Assignment Directions below to get started.

Based on the Brand that you chose in the Unit 2 discussion, you will develop the Product and Price portion of your final project in the assignment due in Unit 6. Using the references you have found to learn about your chosen brand, write a one page APA style essay using the Final Project template and provide the following information:


Discuss the classification of the product, stage in the product life cycle, product positioning, features and benefits of the product. Make sure to indicate the type of product (shopping, convenience, etc) and the width and depth of your brand. Packaging should also be considered.


Concepts covered may include competition-based pricing, demand-based pricing, new product pricing, and/or product-line pricing. Look at pricing objectives and strategies. Compare whether the brand’s pricing is in line with the competition. Discuss the ramifications of if the brand is higher priced or lower priced.

Based on your examination, does your brand do a good, adequate, or poor job of serving the needs of its customers? Do your research and remember to analyze each element of the marketing mix in terms of how it meets the needs of the target consumers. For example, examine if the product really provides what it promises. Discuss if the price is consistent with the quality level expected by the target market, and so on. Throughout the paper, you will need to demonstrate practical application of the concepts learned throughout the course.

When you have spell- and grammar-checked your assignment, save the Final Project document in a file for submission in Unit 6. You will be adding on to it before submission.

Using the Final Project assignment document that you started in Unit 5 Assignment, now you will add to it before submitting the entire assignment in this unit for a grade.

Using the references you have found to learn about your chosen brand, write a one page APA style essay providing the following information:

Placement (use this as your subheading)

Include such topics as the appropriate types of channels, order processing, and appropriate transportation. Make sure to provide the type of distribution your brand uses. Examine whether the brand is being sold in the right outlets. Analyze whether or not they have enough channels. Discuss what course of action would remedy any shortcomings.

Based on your examination, does your brand do a good, adequate, or poor job of serving the needs of its customers? Do your research and analyze the distribution, marketing channels, and marketing intermediaries used by your brand. For example, identify and examine the marketing channels and relationships between marketing intermediaries and the company that owns your brand. Identify and discuss the type of vertical marketing system in place, and so on. Throughout the paper, you need to demonstrate practical application of the concepts learned throughout the course.

When you have spell/grammar checked your Unit 6 assignment as part of the on-going Final Project document you started in Unit 5 and saved it to your files, then upload this document to the Unit 6 Dropbox for grading in this unit.

This unit’s assignment:

Based on the brand that you chose in the Unit 2 discussion, you will develop the promotion portion of your final project in the assignment for this unit. Using the references you have found to learn about your chosen brand, write a one page APA style essay providing the following information:

Promotional Mix

Make sure to briefly include all of the following in this section: Advertising, Public Relations, Personal Selling, and Sales Promotion. Discuss what is needed for an IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) plan. Analyze advertising plans in terms of message or execution.

Based on your examination, does your brand do a good, adequate, or poor job of serving the needs of its customers? Do your research and remember to analyze each element of the promotion mix in terms of how it meets the needs of the target consumers. For example, examine if the promotions used are effective or not. Does your brand use a pull or push strategy and why? Identify and discuss the types of promotions used. Throughout the paper, you need to demonstrate practical application of the concepts learned throughout the course.

After you have checked your assignment for grammar and spelling, submit your Unit 7 assignment as a continuation of your Final Project document you started in Unit 5. Make sure you specify Promotion as a subheading in the document, alerting your instructor to your additional work for a grade

Using the final project template provided, write a two to three double-spaced pages in 12 point font (Times New Roman). In developing your paper, you will introduce your chosen brand to study, identify the segmentation and target markets, and analyze the components of your brand’s marketing mix in the following order; Product, Price, Place (Distribution) and Promotion (include the five components of the promotion mix). Your Research Project will be Microsoft Word© format.

In your paper, be sure to include at least three (3) references and appropriate citations for them in APA format.

Do not forget to download and use the template provided to help you execute this project

Assignment Checklist: Research Project, Unit 8

1.Identify the segmentation and target markets.
2.Analyze the four individual components of your brand’s marketing mix.
3.Write your original response in Standard English, paying special attention to grammar, style and mechanics.
•Ensure that your viewpoint and purpose are clearly stated.
•Demonstrate logical and appropriate transitions from one idea to another.
•Your paper should be highly organized, logical and focused.
•Use three (3) references and appropriate in-text citations for them in APA style format
Developing your Assignment:

To help you with your paper, you can download a template for this paper.

Write your responses in complete sentences; provide specific examples when applicable and be as clear and as concise as possible.

As with all material you submit to your instructor, check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. Make sure to provide citations and references that you use in writing up the responses. Make sure to use the concepts you have learned from the text and that you have answered the questions thoroughly.

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