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Mechanical engineering/ Ethics 1

if you need section 1.9 of exploring engineering just let me know and i will send it to you.
lN’l’RODl lC?l’lON:
i. lingineering lithics. or Professional Ethics. is at the center of the engineering profession. A social
contract exists between the engineer and the general public. In exchange for the freedom to police
our own members. the right to formulate technical standards and the benefit of financial support fo?
engineering education. engineers are expected to look out for the welfare of society in technical
decisions and behave in an acceptable professional manner
lingineerjng (i’odesiof lithicsrepresent formal statements of these obligations. Most professional
engineering societies have formulated their own (‘ode statements. While typically similar from one
society to another. they may also reflect particular concems ot’ a specific technical area. The first
part ofthc NSl?l”. (?ode of lithics is attached (go to the glVCn website for the rest ofthe code).
You are to locate a published code of ethics for any professional engineering organi/ation besides NSF!)
and write a typed one-page summary of:
o The key components of}our chosen code of ethics
fl – o The primary similarities of ?our chosen code and the I?s?l?l: code. as well as the differences

0 Your opinions explaining these differences
You should submit this assignment with a cover letter in proper memo format t’l?o/From/I)ate/Subject; big
picture; what you did; what the reader is to do). Respond to the issues above in about one-page. You
must identify the code you are using. submit a complete copy of that code as an attachment (don?t inst
provide the web address reference location of the code). This assxgnment lS worth 23 pomts towards you
class grade and is due September 21; submit to Blackboard.
Suggestion: You can perform an Internet search of different engineering discipline professiond
societies to find a particular code of ethics for that discipline.

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