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Portfolio of resources for teaching reading

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Dear writer 342346, as I noticed your honesty and perfection in my previous works, I urge you to do your best with this crucial task.
This assignment is a portfolio not an Essay.
The assignment is very critical, it weighs 50% so please do your best and be careful.
Please read all the attached files, follow the criteria and the attached instructions pdf. file carefully. I trust you and appreciate your work.
Assignment 1 weight 50%:
**Portfolio of resources for teaching reading**

Details of the task:
Develop a portfolio of resources for teaching readings to a selected group of learners (primary).

The portfolio consists of:
1) a set of 4 texts (attached), a brief description of each text, focusing on the genre and register of each text
2) an exegesis justifying their choice of texts based on the theories of literacy, language and pedagogy learned in subject, and selected group of learners (primary).
3) for one of the (attached) texts, a detailed analysis of at least two prominent language features and two prominent features of visual image/s in the text (use different highlight)
4) an account of how you will teach learners to read the text, making reference to the noted features. (see an attached important table example with files and do the same in a table, please)
a) explain and critique theories, approaches and pedagogic practices in literacy education. 20%
b) describe and critique instances of literacy teaching practice in relation to theory 30%
c) design and justify a program and resources for teaching literacy to a defined group of learners 30%
d) produce written accounts with coherent structure, clarity of expression, and integrated reference to key literature 20%

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