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reflection essay on practical video simulated clinical supervision events

reflection essay on practical video simulated clinical supervision events

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1-academic essay 3000 words – reflection essay
Clinical supervision in medical practice

2- reflect on practical videoed simulated clinical supervision events ( I already recorded the video as I’m the supervisor and I meet with trainee in my department one week she was from Europe and I’m from Middle East and there were some issue events I discussed with her . For example for the events, culture differences, communication and boundaries

3) introduction: 300 words
-global information (what’s clinical supervision and what’s educational supervision +difference)
-This assignment will ……
– ( my organisation) I’m working in ministry of health hospital in Saudi Arabia.
-road map

Main body: 2400 words
-what is clinical supervision + what literatures says (evidence)

– Theme one , what is NHS ? NMC
– -my trust , organisation with evidence . If it’s good or no !
– Theme two, Me as la clinical supervisor. And health system.
– Theme three, (3)issue events from the video – personal experience. Such as; culture differences with evidences , communication and first language relevant to culture.
– All 3 issue events with evidence and how are relevant to my practice and in really life practice?

Conclusion: 300words
– no new information
– No evidence
– At the end my opinion, advice and acknowledgements

5- references: last 5 years (20-30)paper -((only one qutation allawed no more than 40 words please.))
Eg, (Smith who work in.. States that ………However, John clams that…….)
6- space 1.5, 14 black

7- my tutor advice for the issue events:

I think the main thing you should talk about is the cultural differences between supervisor/supervisee (this is what we call a person being supervised) or teacher/learner. What does the evidence say about overcoming cultural differences? Does it make any difference if you and I (as supervisee) have different cultural backgrounds? What do you think is particular to Middle Eastern/European learners? The overall discussion of this will, I think, lead you to lots of other ‘sub’ issues, such as communication. Is the difference in first language relevant to the supervision process? What does the evidence say about language issues in supervision/learning. Another ‘sub’ issue may be difference in systems in the cultures. So will the issue of differences between the typical National Health Service hospital and the hospital you work at, be an issue for me (as the supervisee)? What does the evidence say about learners joining a different system?

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