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statistical process control

Learning Outcome 3.2
3.2: Investigate the purpose of modified control chart limits

Control charts are used within the quality sampling methodology; explore their purpose and function when modified. Use examples to illustrate your point as appropriate (Maximum length 300 words)
Learning Outcome 3.3, 4.1 and 4.2
3.3: Evaluate processes against a given quality requirement
4.1: Analyse a range of processes for types of variation
4.2: Record information on variation from a process

A customer requires that a component shaft is manufactured with a diameter of 50mm ±0.01mm

Your company has two processes one is a precision grinding machine with a standard deviation of 0.0011mm, the other is a CNC machine that has a standard deviation of 0.0035mm

Evaluate which of the processes would be capable of producing the component within the customer’s specification. Use appropriate calculations and control charts to support your statement.
(Equivalent to 300 words + calculations)

Define and analyse the types of variations that could be attributed to them.
(Maximum length 350 words)

Record the variations you would expect to witness during the manufacturing operation. Use appropriate tables, calculations and control charts to support your assumptions.
(Equivalent to 300 words plus calculation)
End of module brief

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