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Strategic Plan Analysis

1) Strategic Plan Analysis: – Pick two districts besides your own. Go to their district website and find their strategic plan. Compare and contrast the two different plans. Could you lead the district based on the plan? What does the plan say about what the district values? Do the goals address technical or adaptive problems, or both(from Leadership on the Line book By Ronald A. Heifetz and Marty Linsky) How do you know? Based on your review of the two districts, and YOUR OWN district what conclusions can you draw about public education in Idaho? Are we all working on the same work, or not? I would like you to submit a link to the plans you reviewed and a 3-5 page reflection (APA format) on what you learned. You may or may not address all the questions above. The purpose is for you to reflect on the value of strategic planning. This may be difficult just looking at the end product, but hopefully you find a really good plan and you can see how it both anchors the district and drives the work. Here is a link to a couple of plans:West Ada http://www.westada.org/domain/3631Blaine http://issuu.com/blaineschools/docs/bcsd_strategic_plan_brochure THESE ARE JUST EXAMPLES. I WILL SEND THE 2 SCHOOLS I WOULD LIKE YOU TO LOOK AT AND THE SCHOOL THAT I WORK AT.
First school: https://www.tfsd.org/
Second school: http://www.sd25.us/sd25/
My School District: http://www.filer.k12.id.us/
3. What can be done to reduce or even eliminate poverty in the US?*Please include bibliography

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