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The Last Lecture

The Last Lecture

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Please choose question 1 for this paper.
the requirement are in the file attached.
Work cited page need to be in alphabetical order and follow MLA format. Use citation machine website.
The Final exam will have two essay questions; however, students will only need to answer ONE question.
• Quality content, MLA formatting, in-text citations and parenthetical citations, and the works cited page will all be considered for the final grade.
How to Study for an Essay Exam:
• Engage in active re-reading of the book. Make notes on the book of things you think are important and things that could be examples for the essay questions.
• Review online study guides about the novel. (http://www.enotes.com/topics/the-last-lecture) Please note that you can review this for free, but certain information and downloads are not free.
• Think about the major themes of the novel, and note specific quotations that support each of the themes.
• The final exam will require direct quotations and examples from the novel. Therefore students should prepare for the essay by having at least three in-text citations, as well as know general information like the name of the characters in the book as well as the events that take place the book.
• As always, correct grammar and punctuation count towards the final grade.
• Essays will be graded on the student’s ability to answer the essay question with examples from the novel and to construct a valid argument to support his/her point.
Essays will be required to have an introductory sentence (usually introducing the authors and the book title), a multi-part thesis, body paragraphs that include in-text citations for support as well as commentary to discuss how the support connects to the thesis, and a conclusion.

Pick ONE of the following questions and write an essay to submit for the exam:
1. In The Last Lecture, Pausch credits his success to having excellent mentors throughout his life.
Pick three people that Pausch states helped him achieve his childhood dreams. Be sure to
include three in-text citations and examples to support your thesis.

2. In The Last Lecture, we learn that “Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you
wanted” (Pausch and Zaslow 39). Pick three examples of experiences in Pausch’s life that did
not turn out as he intended. Discuss what he learned from this and why it is important to the
novel. Be sure to include three in-text citations and examples to support your thesis.

Order Description

Paper 2) “The Last Lecture” (worth 85 points) Minimum two pages length

What choice would you make if you were faced with the same situation as Randy Pausch was?
How do his ideas affect your attitudes with school? work? family? life?
Suppose you were in Randy Pausch’s shoes and had an opportunity to give a lecture to a large group of people. What would you choose to speak about and why?
Give your reaction to Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture and five positive points you pulled from viewing this presentation.

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