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They should be at least 1.5 pages (no more than 4 please unless you are strongly considering a theme for the final Research Paper)

Topic: Writer choice

Paper details:

Reaction Paper Reaction papers are due every couple of weeks. They should be at least 1.5 pages (no more than 4 please unless you are strongly considering a theme for the final Research Paper). The purpose of the reaction paper is so that I know you are either engaging in the text or the class discussion (or both). These help me understand how much you are learning and how your critical thinking skills are developing as you engage in this foreign curriculum. If you have problems meeting the minimum length, consider addressing multiple topics. I have structured the Reaction Paper due dates so that they conform to general themes in Philosophy. These are due on Wedsnedays noted in the schedule. Title of Paper is Centered

1. Double click the area above that is greyed-out and put correct information (Name and Date). PHIL 1301-CF is just so we know which class and campus the class is for. Leave my last name.

2. Title should indicate the theme of your paper and be centered. You can also include Reaction Paper1/2/3/etc. in it, if you want. Ex: “Reaction Paper 1: The Presocratics’ Theories of Reality”, or just “The Presocratics’ Theories of Reality”.

3. All text should be 11 pt Times New Roman font.

4. Margins should be 1” on all sides.

5. If you are quoting text that someone else has written, and it is takes less than 4 lines, put quotation marks around it. If it is 4 lines or more, then put it in block quotes: Start on new line, NOT indented. Type it all out. Then highlight and press “tab” twice. If it is obvious where you got it from, simply cite page numbers. If it is not, then put author’s name and page number.

6. If you cite anything other than the textbook, you must include proper bibliography citation. Look at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/ . Please use MLA formatting.

7. General Structure should be: a. 1st paragraph grabs attention and states primary focus of paper. b. 2nd paragraph should elaborate on the problem and outline the structure of the paper. “The fundamental element of the universe was an important aspect of debate. The theories varied wildly among Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes, and Pythagoras.” In this example, your next paragraph would outline Thales’ argument. The next would outline Anaximander’s , the next would outline Anaximenes, and the one after would cover Pythagoras’ theories.

8. After the body of your essay is done, you can add a paragraph identifying which theory or aspect of a theory you found intriguing (and why), or identify possible problems with theories.

9. Your last paragraph should summarize the whole paper.

Rough Rubric: On time = 1 point. -.25 points every day late (unless you discuss it with me). Properly cited and formatted = 1 point. Blatant plagiarism will result in a 0. Proper grammar and spelling = 1 point. Except for a typo or two, it’s important to write properly. Content = 2 points.

The point of the assignment is to engage in the material and practice philosophical comprehension and analysis. Total is 5 points. This reflects the portion each paper is worth towards final grade.

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